RMRPS Power Systems is for increasing and utilization of wind energy and giving best support to the customers.The core business consists of design, manufacture, sales, marketing and maintenance of wind power systems that harness the energy of wind to generate electricity. RMRPS Power Systems is a professionally managed company with core values of transparency and ethical business.

We deal with design and development of Wind turbine controller for both pitch and stalled machine, 24 Hour Remote Monitoring System for wind turbine it is collect wind turbine details and without going in front of the turbine customer can know the status of the machine through internet and mobile phone, Scada based Energy Meter, Sensors for wind turbine, Control Panels, Controller based Systems,Wind turbine Simulators and related accessories .

Having rich experience in various industries the management team operates the business with a strong customer focus.We share our insights into technology and knowhow on our communication platforms. we spend a lot of time on testing of every product development in order to ensure that our products meet the very highest requirement. Currently, there is much focus on designing a robust and optimized wind turbine, but the main challenge of today is to integrate as much energy as possible and at the same time secure a stable grid on the electricity consumer side.

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